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The Heroine's Journey of Joyce Lieberman

Interview with Selfie


Summer of Ceramics 2018 blog Had a splendid golden glazed summer. I explain in my blog.


Lulu 2019 Calendars

Four choices of calendars with Joyce Lieberman paintings this year including "Guys 'n Gals", Orbs,

Trees 18 month and Tile Fountain Oversize with Paintings.


Joyce Lieberman YOUTUBE Channel

Original songs by husband, Jimm Juback with paintings by Joyce in the backgrounds, produced by Joyce Lieberman.



Offers a selection of Joyce Lieberman images printed on canvas, metal , paper,

framed, totes, phone cases, beach towels and even show curtains, Check it out.


Spoonflower Collection of Fabrics made from Joyce Lieberman paintings

Spoonflower allows me to make my paintings into mirror repeat and other repeats to create fabric in a variey of textures and styles. The can make wallpaper and giftwrap formthe images too. Select an image and view the choices.







"Throwing Off the Hump" with Joyce Lieberman Video


checkout the lovely modal scarves!

anemone elephant Many images to choose from. Bags, Skirts too!

VIDA Scarves and Top with paintings by Joyce


Show for the month of August 2015

Unitarian Universalist Community Church

Joyce's Wall of Steals and Deals

Sunday, August 30, 2015, 11 am -NOON Artist Closing Reception after Church Services

1260 Eighteenth Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404 310.829.5436


February 2015, show at UNURban Coffee House in Santa Monica, CA

Artists Reception Sat February 7, 7-11 One of the new pieces from the shutters as Shojii screen (reimagined) will be on view.

Household pairs of shutters were converted to groups of 3 for optimum flexibility and they make great canvases to paint on.


Spring Collection at "Eyes On Main"

March and April 2014 3101 Main Steet, Santa Monica 310.399.3302


The Original "Unstill Life", 5x8' acrylic and collage on paper from 1991


"Spring" and "Fall" new canvases

acrylic on canvas , 5x4' each

spring fall


"Dinner Party", 22x24" will be included in "Appetite" Group Show at Illuminoidal Arts in Long Beach, November 9, 6-10pm 340 E 3rd St., Long Beach.



"ZEITGEIST" Exhibition at AIA


wiltern "Submerge" and "Portholes" at the AIA.



"Bliss Trees", 4.5 x5' made from reconstructed collaged older paintings.

Lately I have been reconfiguring some older works on paper into larger constructions.


"Convergence, 44x 52" was sent to Helsinki,Finland.



House Beautiful!

New Installation of recent Commission, "Spring Showers #2", 30x36",

Acrylic on canvas based on "Spring Showers", 24x48", Acrylic on canvas


"Trifecta" at The Talking Stick in Venice gave me a chance to show and see my 18 foot canvas.

I would love to see it up in different spaces, anyone have a huge wall?

Even a curved wall might be interesting.

More Pictures from the show in the "Trifecta" Album on my Facebook Fanpage.

Drop by and give it a "like"


Michigan Tour of Garden Unstill Life canvases

The Home Store in Dexter, Michigan



Visited the Lido Gallery in Birmingham, Michigan and was greeted with the collection of my large canvases hanging so beautifully there.

Later that day, we had moved the paintings to Cafe Zola in Ann Arbor, #Michigan where they looked great against the brick walls.

Link to the collection Michigan Collection

Two pieces from the garden series hung in Santa Monica at Bleicher/Golightly Gallery in May/June for the "Test Pilots II" show.

My friend Leslie Warren brought me this fabulous Leopard skin Pill Box hat with Leopard skin (duct tape) Pill Box she had embellished.

This was inspired by my recent love of pearls..


A collection of the "Unstill Life" canvases were hanging at Plum's Cafe in Costa Mesa 369 E. 17th St., Costa Mesa, Ca 92657 (949) 722-7586 This is "Picnic" 38"H x 67"W.

Courtesy of Chemers Gallery in Tustin. See my Inventory of Available pieces at Chemers via this link or a link on my Resume page.


Started a new series of Ocean Wave Paintings, "Tubular, Epic, High Tide, Ocean and Wave". Click to view Ocean WAVE Series While you're on Facebook, give my page a "Like"

New Wall in the Garden /New Paintings

I had a 7'H x8'W wall built in the garden and have creaed works in reaction to the environment. I look up, twist right and then spin around to the back.

The "Garden Series" are featured on the opening page with a link to my #Facebook Fanpage photo album with more details.

"Trifecta" 5'Hx18'W, the first blue painting that you see on the Opening Page will be featured on a huge pumpkin colored wall at The Talking Stick in Venice on Lincoln Blvd this October. I was able to create it in 3 sections onthe New #Garden Wall. Now I'll be able tosee it allat once inOctober.

Still seeking a spot to view the whole Garden Series all together.


Book of Floral Paintings on Canvas Available Joyce Lieberman Floral Canvases 1990-2010

Facebook Fanpage


"Summer Florals" Canvases at the Rose Cafe July 8-October 15, 2008,Venice, CA


contact Joyce Lieberman



Bistango Exhibition, Irvine, CA

"Bluebird Morning" 4x2' acrylic on canvas, was included in a selection of my works along with a group of artists at Bistango Restaurant in Irvine.







Ross Crowe of Holden and Co has worked with me on many projects over the years including this trilogy of canvases "Trees by The Lake" that went to Austin, Texas.