Joyce Lieberman, Artist

"Trifecta", 5' x 18' created with mops and brooms and other things in 3 sections, acrylic on canvas

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Joyce Lieberman is a visual artist living in Los Angeles, California.



My HUGE "Peacock and Squirrel" Tile Mural created summer of 2015 with hand made clay tiles mainly 5x5" each. Created in sections of 22 tiles. Inspired by Peacocks and an available wall.



"Birthday Flowers From Marian" Acrylic on mat board 20x16"



"Twist", 26x41"

Acrylic on watercolor paper



"Beast", 3x4', Acrylic on canvas

The Ocean holds so much power.



"Zeitgeist" 4x5', Acrylic on canvas

New Series including dappled light and overlapping orbs.




5x4", Acrylic on canvas


The Garden Embraced me and held me, showing me the way. I painted a series of 13 paintings in my garden in Venice of the garden. I looked up, down, and twisted around to find the feeling of being held.

"Garden Series #11:Orbs"

5x4', acrylic on canvas


"Garden#6:princess,jasmine,geranium,bay" 3x4', Acrylic on canvas


"Garden: Spring Showers" 27x48", Acrylic on canvas


"Garden: Ambrosia"

27x48" Acrylic on canvas


"Garden #9:Scroll with Earth"

5x4' , Acrylic on canvas



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The Heroine's Journey of Joyce Lieberman Interview

New Collection of Summer Ceramics 2018

2019 Calendars To view or order, click here. 18 Month "Trees" Calendar or the Oversized Calendar, the 12 month Orbs Calendar, or the "Guys 'n Gals" Calendar


"Peacock " 30x22" acrylic on paper.

"Peacock" has been made into a beautiful modal scarf via VIDA and also the cover to the Fable

"A Peacock's Tale" by Mariat Penn and illustrated by Joyce Lieberman Available on lulu.

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"Trees" Photos on Facebook Fanpage

"Trees #10"

40x30", acrylic on paper


"Poetry" 24x22"

Acrylic on paper


"Peonies" 22x24", acrylic on paper


"Flower Song: Noodling" 15x22", acrylic on paper



"Convergence" 52x48", Acrylic and collage on paper

Big collages created from older works on paper reconstructed together.

This one found a home in Finland.



Reviving the PET PORTRAITS again lately.

Here is "Torti"!



And here is "SCHNOODLE"!




Along with the new Pet Portraits are some

NEW Portraits of people I have met.


"Garden #1: Arbor Embrace"

4x5', Acrylic on canvas


"Garden Series#5: Burning Bush"

3x4', Acrylic on canvas

The Garden Series Collection on Facebook






"White Roses",


Acrylic on canvas




Available for Commissions

"Fiesta: Bouquet" is a piece from the "Fiesta" series which are 18x15" images mounted on a 36x25" format. They are lively interpretations based on the "UNStill Life" Series.

Everyday items are transformed into a party atmosphere where tabletop motifs such as fruit, vegetables, bowls and platters take on a life of their own. Click on the image to see more "Fiesta's".


  Lieberman also works with collage. Her "Personal Archaeology" series includes pattern, organization of shapes and color and subtle references to correspondence. Collected by individuals, as well as hotels and corporations, they have been reproduced for several of Merv Griffins hotels including the Beverly Hills Hilton and Blue Moon in Miami. They are also collected by Merrill Lynch, Dr. Murad and the University of Wisconsin among others. They have appeared on the sets of many Hollywood films.

"This collage is entitled "Rose Tile" and is part of an ongoing series of collages I refer to as my "Personal Archaeologies". They are created from older paintings and monoprints I have reworked and mixed with recycled bits of interest that I find in stamps, paper, and fabric." More Collages link on the page menu top right.

Personal Archaeology collages are available in prints created by Haddad's Fine Art Publishing of Anaheim, California.

Prints Available

Ask me, I have them for you.

"Rose Tile"

18x15" image size

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