bUNNY, Bunny, We found a Bunny.

After years of being a cat person, we found a bunny.

They are so different.

They hang low to the crowd, while a cat jumps on top of the fridge.

They burrow and nibble and binky jump into the air.

So curious.

“Garden of Kitties and Bunnies”, 22 x 30″, acrylic paint on paper by Joyce Lieberman 2022
bunnies, bunny, joyce lieberman,ceramics, artwork, paintings
Bunny pot and drawing on board by Joyce Lieberman
“Bunny’s Point Of View”, painting on paper by Joyce Lieberman, 22 x 30″
“Five Bunnies”, collage on paper by Joyce Lieberman

“Six Bunnies and a Guest”, 22 x 30″, acrylic on Stonehenge paper by Joyce Lieberman

“Bunnies Night Out”, 5 x 7′, acrylic on canvas. Here bunny has imagined herself upright and ready to step out to the carrot disco.

“Double Date; 4 Bunnies”, 30 x 22″, acrylic and collage on Stonehenge Paper

“Bunnies In A World Of Denim Blue”, 22 x 30″

“Seven Bunnies”, 22 x 30″

“Birch Bunny and Friends”, 22 x 30″

“Fox Masquerading Among the Bunnies”, 30 x 22″

“Blind Date”, 2 x 2′ canvas

“Hide and Seek”, 22 x 30″

“Bunny Was Wondering”, 22 x 30″

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