Floral Paintings

This canvas, “Doodlebug”, has an all over composition.

It is 30″ H x 48″W, gallery stretched and ready to hang.

Contact Joyce Lieberman at JoyceL123@aol.com for more information

“Symphonic Magenta”, 22 x 30″, acrylic paint on paper by Joyce Lieberman, 2022

“Petunia UNStill Life” is a work on paper 22″H x 30″W. The “UNStill Life ” series of paintings have a lot of movement and strong life force.

“Iris Garden”, 22 x 30″, acrylic paint on paper

“Amaryllis Exploding” and “Happy Day” are two recent works on paper, 15″ H x 11″ W

“Iris”, 30 x 22″, acrylic paint on paper

A duo of “April Flowers”, each are 4′ H x 2′ W, acrylic on canvas.

Ready to hang!

I have a series of these called “Peppy Flowers”, paintings on paper and posters are available too.

Soft Florals with a watercolor feel on paper from the “August Morning” series are 15″H x 22″W on arches paper mounted on 22 x30″ Stonehenge paper.

“August Morning #7”

“August Morning #6”

“September Morning #6”

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