My Introduction to hand puppets was the Berry Puppets. Mildred Berry told great stories that thrilled me when I was little. She had one puppet that had wooden jaws and once I got to feed the puppet a cracker which it grabbed from my hands vigorously and startled me at 3 years old. After college, Mildred Berry and I were in the same place for a while and she taught me how to make the puppets. I loved spending time with her and she did a puppet show for some kids at a school I was trying to implement an art program for. I loved making the puppets, but haven’t done many shows. A few friends have written stories for them and there have been some discussion of many of my great writer friends reviving the art with me. Let me know if you have a story for me.

This group of puppets are from the cast of How the Zebra Got It’s Stripes, A Fable by Mariat Penn with the Puppetry magic of Joyce Lieberman. There is a photo book of the story by Mariat Penn with all the scenes available on Lulu. http://www.lulu.com/shop/mariat-penn/how-the-zebra-got-its-stripes-a-fable/paperback/product-22159960.html

At the Tailor’s trying to decide what coat to wear.

Meeting the King and his entourage out in the desert.

Some new characters..

The Bishop and the Blue Buddha (walked into a bar, need a story)

Two Bunnies……(need a story)

The Orangutan Beatnik and the Bad Boy…(need a story)

White Zebra, Grey Zebra and Striped Zebra

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