Studio Shots

My friend, the photographer Leo Pennock has been shooting photos of my studio and work for the last six years. He started when we lived in Venice and then when we moved to a new place and since as the place has blossomed. I am going to share his photos here.

Joyce Lieberman 2023

Recently he shot this of me in my dining room with some of my new ceramic work and several of my paintings.

The studio changes looks a lot with different set ups for activities. Here is an oversize paper work with inspiration calla lilies from my garden. The work on paper was constructed from several 22 x 30″ works and painted several times. This was another overlay of central image to unite the work.

Wearing a dress made from fabric printed from my painting “Autumn Harvest” on, I am showing Leo some recent works on paper. The top piece on the table was made into the following duvet cover by Fine Art America.

Yes, we are really growing papayas right outside the studio! The birds that I have been painting feed out the other window.

Call me! Let’s talk about paintings.

The big wall changes with different works on paper. Here we have bunnies, birdies and trees.

Joyce Lieberman on a festive day in the studio. 2023

Rustic walls on one side.

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