Transcendental Painting Group

Recently viewed Another World:The Transcendental Painting Group 1938-1945 at LACMA through June 19, 2023, an exhibit of artists Emil Bisttram, Robert Gribbroeck, Lawrence Harris, Raymond Johnson, William Lumpkins, Florence Miller, Horace Towner Pierce, Stuart Walker and Agnes Pelton from 1930’s New Mexico that coalesced around a study of the Transcendental.

One of the artists was trying to make a video but stopped short of completing it. He had made 30 small vivid color watercolor paintings. The exhibit projected them on the wall in sequence of Birth, Bloom, Death. I was mesmerized by a color combination of chartreuse and violet. I went back to photograph some and offer here a few photos of the inspiration and then what I did with it.

Photos of the projected works on the wall.
Sailing Ships, 7.25 x 10″, watercolor on paper by Joyce Lieberman
Prismatic Flower, watercolor by Joyce Lieberman
Sailing Ships, Prismatic Flower and Cityscape by Joyce Lieberman inspired by pallette above.

Transcendental Painting Group artist

My interpretation of the painting above by Florence Miller Pierce which has thick oil on heavy textured canvas. My painting is watercolor and a loose interpretation.

Interpretation by Joyce Lieberman

It’s wonderful to be moved by the work of artists that preceded us.

Agnes Pelton’s paintings gave me a Transcendental sensation.

My favorite painting by Agnes Pelton.
Agnes Pelton
Painting by Agnes Pelton

Poppies from the exhibit that stirred me.

Poppies by Robert Gribbroeck, 1938

See the show if you can.

And one more from me of sailing ships on chartreuse.

Chartreuse Sailing Ships by Joyce Lieberman

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Visual Artist from Los Angeles, CA. Painting, Collage and Ceramics.

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