NEW 2020 Calendar is Available with some of these images. I love to show and tell about my work to friends, curators and collectors. Below are a few of my largest ongoing series of works on paper. The “Personal Archaeologies” are collages. The “Fiesta” series are lively domestic paintings of flowers, fruit, and interiors. […]

New Palette for this Years Summer of Ceramic Vessels 2019

Two years ago, 2017, I worked predominantly in Celadon Green, which you can see in the vase with hydrangeas on the table behind this year’s piece. Last year, 2018, I went more Golden in my Collection and this year starts with a new palette of white, gloss and mason Stains. Here is my first piece […]


Upbeat color and a loose approach give my paintings and collages their joie de vie. My largest ongoing series are of the”Unstill Life” series, “Fiesta” series and the “Personal Archaeologies” Collage series. My new “Trees” series of the last three years is leading me into a new land and seascape direction as well. I have […]