Transcendental Painting Group

Recently viewed Another World:The Transcendental Painting Group 1938-1945 at LACMA through June 19, 2023, an exhibit of artists Emil Bisttram, Robert Gribbroeck, Lawrence Harris, Raymond Johnson, William Lumpkins, Florence Miller, Horace Towner Pierce, Stuart Walker and Agnes Pelton from 1930’s New Mexico that coalesced around a study of the Transcendental. One of the artists was …

Summer Show of Joyce Lieberman paintings

My Summer Show of paintings on canvas at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Santa Monica is open Monday, Tuesday from 9:30-5 and Friday 9:30-1. Come by and ring the front bell at Arizona and 18th. The collection is of birds, flowers, waves and allegorical fantasies. Here are a few more images of the artworks I …

New Masks and Busts

A few weeks before Halloween, I created a group of 14 masks and busts in cone 5 clay. Some were based on faces that I had seen, including my own and various neighbors and some were fanciful fictional, much like my puppets and paintings.

Found the Time Lapse Feature

This morning painting in the studio, I found the Time Lapse Feature on my phone’s camera, yay! I had drawn on the 30 x 22″ sheet of paper a few days ago and I started carving out the shapes that I had sketched. Below is my quickie video and peace out, Namaste.

The French Cat Show

Vida and David visited the studio yesterday in search of the perfect piece for Vida’s home. We went through many works on paper and found a piece from “September Morning” series in 1990. These were moody watercolor bleed type acrylic paintings done in my Venice Garden after the death of my beloved cat. David has …