Art Show Installations

  • Here are some photos of Art Exhibitions of my works.

University Of Michigan Hospital, Canvases from the “Unstill Life” Series

Lido Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan

Unitarian Universalist Church, Wall of Steals and Deals, Santa Monica, CA

Eyes on Main, Santa Monica , CA

Joyce and “Alice’s UNStill Life” at The Food Show in Long Beach at Illuminati. Photo of photo being taken by Snow Mack. Leah Dixon curator.

“Trifecta”, my 18 foot painting at The Talking Stick in Venice, CA

“Zeitgeist”, my show at the American Institute of Architecture, Wiltern Building, Los Angeles, CA.

“UNstill Life” Collection at Zola’s , Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lido Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan

Published by joycelieberman

Visual Artist from Los Angeles, CA. Painting, Collage and Ceramics.

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  1. Looking at your work (& Madeline Kazmadechek’s) IS THE MOST INSPIRING THING THATS HAPPENED TO ME IN A LONG……..LONG TIME. Your work reminds me of Rauel Duffy’s. Congratulations on your success from what I imagine has been much joy & work.

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