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I love to show and tell about my work to friends, curators and collectors. Below are a few of my largest ongoing series of works on paper. The “Personal Archaeologies” are collages.

Joyce Lieberman showing her Personal Archaeology collages from her portfolio.

The “Fiesta” series are lively domestic paintings of flowers, fruit, and interiors.

Joyce Lieberman showing her "Fiesta" series of paintings,

The “Trees” are a favorite topic for me. When I got the chance, I planted six new fruit trees recently.

Joyce Lieberman showing a piece from her "Trees" works on paper.

I have been feeding the birds lately and they return the favor by modelling for me. They come by one at a time and then in couples, trios and up to eight or so. I find it amusing to try to count how many are there before they fly straight up or down from the feeder on a pedestal.

Let me know if you would be interested in viewing the artworks in person.

Published by joycelieberman

Visual Artist from Los Angeles, CA. Painting, Collage and Ceramics.

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  1. I have a painting of Joyce Lieberman it is framed and the date on it is 11/90 titled cafe life series
    I would like to know the value of it
    Thank you

    1. Hello Jason, What size is your painting. I created some that were very small and some that were 30 x 22″ on paper with collage. The original small drawings on Arches paper were drawn at The Champagne Towers owned by Laurence Welk across Ocean Avenue from the Santa Monica Pier. I am not sure of the value, but I would love to see a photo of your piece. Please email me at Good to hear from you. Curious how you came to have it. Did you buy it, find it or was it a gift?

      1. I bought it at a garage sale. It is small I guess. Like a 1/2 sheet of art paper,in a nice frame. The paper that is painted on is torn on two sides,so possibly it’s 1/4 sheet? 9”x6”
        I will try and send a pic with this.

        W/frame 15”x 12”

      2. Sounds like you have an original.
        There were monoprints also, but your size sounds like an original painting.
        What part of the country did you find it in? California?
        The nice frame makes it sound like it came from Pacific Gallery in Laguna Beach. It is a pretty rare find.

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